Resource Politics 101

A truly Canadian film, Sustainable Deception is the bilingual story of how large-scale resource extraction negatively impacts communities at opposite ends of our country. Having grown up in Fort Assiniboine, Alberta and Sept-Îles, Quebec respectively, my partner and I realized that the same socio-economic effects were found in both the communities affected by the Alberta Oil Sands and the Plan Nord in Quebec.

Once the Plan Nord is completed it will be the second largest industrial project after the Alberta Oil Sands.
Mine Arnaud is being presented to the reluctant city of Sept-Iles which is set to be the largest open-pit mine in Quebec, and was already rejected by the Bureau d’Audiences Publiques sur l’Environnement in February 2014.

An excellent example of guerrilla filmmaking; ours is a self-funded, two-person film crew who travelled by plane, greyhound, bicycle, pick-up and horseback to bring you the untold stories behind industrial development.  Our travels took us to the metropolitan centres as well as the villages and farming communities across Alberta and the North Shore of Quebec. Our hope is that the Oil Sands can serve as a cautionary tale so that Quebecers can envision a future of true sustainable development.

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