“I urge all Indigenous people to demand the Chief and Councils of their First Nation reject Trudeau’s “Reconciliation and Implementation of Indigenous Rights” process.” Ozaway Pinesse, Ojibway Nation

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Ozaway Pinesse. Ojibway Nation


At around 6:02 of the video, (bottom of article) Trudeau speaks of the power structure in Canada and calls indigenous people the fourth order of government….I sent this out June 10, 2016 but nobody listened to me. I cannot understand how the Chiefs are being led by the nose into a sub-municipal level of governance.

This sub-municipal status is exactly where Trudeau is forcing us into…a sub-municipal level of governance is not nation to nation or reconciliation, this is imposing the 69 white paper and fully assimilating us where we will truly be “Canadian Indians” as defined under the Canadian legal framework. We will be entities governed under the Municipal authorities Acts as in force in the provinces and territories.

Trudeau clearly stated that:

A) the federal government was the first order of government,
B) Provincial/Territorial governments are the second order of government,
C) Provincial municipalities are the third order of government,
D) Indigenous Nations are the fourth order of government.

Fourth order is under Municipal jurisdiction and that is worse that the “69 White Paper”.

That is assimilation and nothing less!

The minimum we must ever accept from them is that Indigenous Nations of this land are “Sui Generis Parallel Levels of Governance”. Anything less is assimilation and domestication of the international covenants (Treaties) which allowed for the creation of this country.

I urge all Indigenous people to demand the Chief and Councils of their First Nation reject Trudeau’s “Reconciliation and Implementation of Indigenous Rights” process where the Canadian government is ignoring the real rights and title holders (the Indigenous Peoples) and consulting with their Indian Act Chiefs which is nothing less than manufacturing consent with modern day Indian Agents who have no authority to deal away our rights and titles.

Ozaway Pinesse.

“For as long as the sun shines, the grasses grow and the waters flow, Indigenous Peoples will remain the original owners of this land and true authors of Canadian Confederation.”

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For further in depth information see the detailed and excellent overview by Indigenous Policy expert Russel Diabo. Click on the Image for the full textScreen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.56.32 PM


23 Replies to ““I urge all Indigenous people to demand the Chief and Councils of their First Nation reject Trudeau’s “Reconciliation and Implementation of Indigenous Rights” process.” Ozaway Pinesse, Ojibway Nation”

      1. Indian agents from our IRS hearing’s ..initiated the lawyer’s to fabricate and steal our Legal fee’s …allowing the money to go missing from our Gov’t cheque’s we were to receive “by the gov’t “…not Law firm cheques ??..I was to receive 27 thousand ….instead they “Steal 20 thousand and give only 7 thousand ???”….Adjudicator Judge also, knew with the evidence I sent her stating I was to receive a “Gov’t Cheque” …and she allowed the law firm to steal it …”I wouldn’t doubt it if she got 10 thousand of the cut also????…NO JUSTICE.


      2. There was no justice with our IRS settlement hearings …Re Victimized is all I got from all the hell I went through as a Child 😦 …sad very sad ..I was scouted by the Swift Current Bronco’s in my past while in IRS ..nothing was even said in Court about that”loss of opportunity”??…I went through 10 lawyer’s ..because they are so greedy , with OUR money …they stole so much it’s injustice. I sat IDLE for this Judge awiting Justice only to be ignored and robbed of my Settlement and TESTIMONY. Our Indian agent’s at our hearing’s ..are known to have discriminated “we the Survivor’s with our Testimonies…and missing legal fee ..my money is missing 20 thousand that my law firm stole MLG of Saskatoon, Sk ..also Adjudicator Judge Sheila Denysiuk of Saskatoon. I hope to get a RE TRIAL in Supreme Court , but I doubt that will ever happen???….INJUSTICE in our Saskatchewan Justice Dept. with our IAP hearing’s… Sad and I was waiting patiently .. I just got robbed. No One is even Helping us …I know I ain’t alone.


  1. Ya how bout make em give back the land and everyone other that first nations pay the natives rent and still be in a treaty


  2. Not once during his dialogue did he ever mention UNDRIP. No Chief and council has any right to accept anything less. UNDRIP says this is minimal in our title and rights. The Constitution of 1982 iis now meaningless with all the rulings against us. IT STATES “CANNOT BE RULED GOVERNED UPON OR LEGISLATED ON” CATCH PHRASE IS UNLESS WE GIVE THEM OUR PERMISSION. No one in there right mind will give permission to take lesser tan our “Title And Rights. Anything less will complete ASSIMILATION.


  3. I’d like to fully understand what this all means? I grew up in the city all my life and who would benefit the most if the chiefs agreed to fight this…the city Indians or the reserve Indians? I only see certain 1st nations benefiting. I see too much nepotism….too much favoritism. Us city Indians shouldn’t be treated differently. What’s in this for me if I help fight this?


  4. No not now not every fourth in anything especially a government policy! I agree they should start returning land and or paying rent! No way i totally disagree with this! Protect the treaties never come fourth in anything especially if we were here first!


  5. What kind of betrayal tactic is this? This is about absolutism isn’t it? We are not going to stand by while you continue to walk all over our Constitution rights in these subtle ways. I think we have the right to Sovereignty and that must become a reality. The Government has never completely honored our agreements with them yet we continue to trust them. I think First Nations need to take what’s theirs and find a better way to live for future generations.


  6. I would say this writer is right. All First Nation should have a Federal representative in parliament & @ the provincial level of government. Even Municipal. Why are their no representatives in those levels of government. When they run the elections the vote could be like another candidate chosen by the each first Nation (eg. Cree Minister, Blackfoot Minister etc.). Make the government put their reconciliation to the test. If they are really serious about it they will allow these positions to manifest immediately. If C & C agrees to this you will have no say & I think it is a way to self destruct the land claims etc. It will put the First Nations @ the bottom of the pile.


  7. Hi everyone, This is August Brown from Telegraph Creek, BC. I do believe that it is right to help any and everyone; the Nations. But it is, for me, kind of doubtful what you are saying. So please don’t misunderstand me, but it is my feelings I am saying. Whomever and whatever Nation we should try and work with each other because my understanding about the government is that they do not care where you are from , what colour you are, and what government. They work together to get power. You know that is my feeling, if we work together, as Nations, we can move a mountain. But if you try it on your own you are not going to get anywhere. So believe me, we should start working together, as Nations, in order to stop the drilling, the blasting, and the companies. Maybe even the pipeline, we all work together we can stop them. So those of you believe in what I am saying please try it! Thank you very much. August Brown, Tahltan War Chief; Nalzista


  8. Why should we help you only help the people that live on reservation and thats just not right even metis federation is helping the people why are you not and giving funding out BUT NOT TO OFF BAND MEMBERS WHY IS THAT?????? PICKING WHO YOU WANT TO HELP AND SHOULD BE ALL THE PEOPLE.


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