"Fast-paced climate change is upon us. Rising sea levels are no longer a secondary concern but one that is at the forefront of our minds and our media, and it's time to get creative. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), "mean sea level is projected to rise by tens of centimetres, and possibly more than a metre, by the year 2100, due primarily to thermal expansion of the oceans and increased melting of land ice."


Renewable energy is on the rise in Canada. Communities big and small are harnessing Canada's windy weather conditions to power their communities thereby reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. According to The Canadian Wind Energy Association "more wind energy has been built in Canada between 2006 and 2016 than any other form of electricity generation," …

Truth and Capitulation; A Canadian Colonizer’s prayer for the next 150 years — Stormhaven Media

“We can, if we have the wisdom, light a fire in this place and time, so bright and clear that it will be seen by all the children of man. Many of whom still huddle in darkness and misery in every corner of the earth. Let our actions be a blazing beacon of hope in …

The Canadian Forces have been preparing to battle Pipeline protesters for some time.

Stormhaven Media

William Ray

Some Québec Environmentalists and activists reaction to the scenario, Featuring Ellen Gabriel, Greenpeace Canada, and Filmmaker Olivier Asselin.

From February 8th to March 6th this year Canadian Forces conducted exercise Réaction Royal 2016. This exercise involved the entire 2nd Division, all the regular and reserve force units in Québec. The government’s DND website states; “The goal of the exercise is to confirm the abilities of Joint Task Force East to plan and conduct joint, national and inter agency operations during a humanitarian crisis.”The real scenario is somewhat darker. According to Canadian Forces spokesman the exercise scenario began with the sinking of a large cruise ship off the north coast of Québec. As the Canadian Forces start to deploy to help with rescue and recovery it is discovered that the ship was sunk by “terrorists.” In the exercise just as this is being discovered, “cells of the…

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How the oil price collapse can deliver the boost the green economy needs – 19 Jan 2015 – Opinion from BusinessGreen

We should take full advantage of this

Enjeux énergies et environnement


How the oil price collapse can deliver the boost the green economy needs

The collapsing oil price to a new low of $45 a barrel, its lowest for six years, presents major opportunities for the green economy and the climate movement as a whole, but challenges too.

As BusinessGreen’s James Murray argued last week, some of these challenges are significant. But it is important to recognise there are also sizable opportunities that come with low oil prices.


Let’s consider some of these opportunities. The Carbon Tracker Initiative, which first coined the term the “carbon bubble”, foresaw last year that any oil price slide would make many unconventional and high-cost oil projects uneconomic and risked wasting huge piles of investors’ cash. In one of its landmark studies it identified $1.1tr of potential capital expenditure on projects in the next 10 years requiring a market price of over…

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Déception Durable en projection au cinéma sous les étoiles 2015

Cela nous fait énormément plaisir d'annoncer que le documentaire Déception Durable fasse parti de la sixième édition de « Cinéma sous les étoiles, présenté par Funanbules Médias. La projection est gratuite et sera suivie d'une discussion avec les directeurs; William Ray et Michelle Moore.  La projection aura lieu le 10 août dans le Square Cabot. …